Amaury EN

Amaury Vanderborght

Static rope, trapeze, duo trapeze


Born in Tournai, Amaury became familiar at a young age with equestrian vaulting and aerial acrobatics, growing up in a farm among poneys, Donna Summer and the films of Walt Disney. Flyer on duo trapeze and acrobat on the rope, he has participated in numerous circus festivals in Italy, Monte Carlo, France, Belgium, Sweden and Germany. He began studying at the Ciscus Space in London and completed his training at ESAC, where he participated in the remounting/creation of "Coma Idyllic", directed by Vincnet Gomez and Christian Lucas. In 2013 he began a Swiss tour with Circus Monti, before continuing his journey creatin with Claudel Doucet the company Le Poivre Rose.