Claudel EN

Claudel Doucet

Aerial silk, contorsion, hand to hand and duo trapeze


A graduate from the National Circus School of Montreal in 2004, Claudel has, among other things, been an aerial princess for Cirque du Soleil in Japan, taken part in a number of cabaret projects in Germany (GOP Varietes, Chamaeleon) and toured with Circus Monti in Switzerland. She has collaborated also with les 7 Doigts (Fibonacci Project, Amuse), the choreographer Pierre-Paul Savoie and Cirque Eloize. Interested in all the forms that circus can take, she taught at the Patravadi Theater in Bangkok, played her numbers under the hot tents of the Egyptian National Circus, the vaunted ceiling of the Sydney Opera House and in the Place-des-Arts in Montreal. With her multiple and diverse stage experiences, she now wants go forward with a creation project that resembles her by founding Compagnie du Poivre Rose.