Imogen EN

Imogen Huzel

Handstand, Contorsion, Hand to hand


In a rainy grey land surrounded by cold cold seas there was once a tiny uncoordinated gymnast. Magically rescued by the world of circus Imogen found a place where all her awkward gymnastic flaws could be wonderfully exploited, explored and plonked happily on stage. Despite never loosing her love to dance, to jump, to flip, to leap, and to cartwheel around, somehow she found the patience to study as a handbalancer in DOCH Sweden.

Charmed by expression, physicality, imagination and ingenuity, and after three years of bizarrely upside down brain power she’s ready to run free and wild in this amazingly ridiculous circus word. To make real the nonsense from her head and to meet many more crazy geniuses on the way.