Le Poivre Rose (Pink Pepper) is a project born from the union of five artists from Quebec, France and Belgium, gathered by common creative goals and simple human complicity.


Their goal is to create a space, a structure where their ideas, good or bad, simple or heroic would be entitled to be tried. A group, a company where they could set their creativity completely free, a frame into which, together, they would have the opportunity to do things as they wish, to try it their way.


From their respective careers and training, they now want to make the step from performers to creators, bringing their circus skills and their artistic and professional ambitions to serve a more personal project: a first experience creating and disseminating a live show, wholly their own.


"We are circus artists, stage acrobats but before anything human, athletes of flesh and humour, of ideas and instincts. We are boys and girls without knowing really what that means, what ties and separates us. And we want to put our hands in the dirt and to put on stage a little bit of what crosses our mind and our guts."