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Iva Bittová (CZ)



Violinist, Iva Bittová was born in northern Moravia and grew up in a musical family. Starting very young as an actress in the avant-garde theater company "Husa n Provázku", she played in such fims as Ružové sny (1976) by Dusan Hanák, Balada pro banditu (1978) by Vladimir Sís or Neha (1991) by Martin Sulik. She has performed in concerts and recorded albums and duets with many other Czech singers, such as Pavel Fajt, Marek Eben, Václav Bartoš and Vladimir Vaclavek, in addition to international names: Bobby McFerrin, Vladimir Godar or even Susumu Yokota.

Nurturing the idea of working on her music, Le Poivre Rose went to meet her , where to our surprise she proposed to come play with us on stage when the occasion presents itself. The show will use compositions of hers which can be played either live by the musician with certian arrangements or on a soundtrack.