Marcel EN

Marcel Vidal Castells

Korean Cradle


It all starts in 2006 in Barcelona, in Ateneu Nou Barris, where Marcel starts Circus. In 2009, he moves to France to integrate the ENACR, followed by the CNAC as a Korean cradle catcher. He's the "Marcel" from Cie Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes, Aerial and Korean cradle quartet avec Marine (Drôle de Femme number One). In 2012 he creates with Breno Caetano the show "Ultima Paisagem", that he performs in Brasil during the festival Quinta com Dança. Since 2013, he tours the shows "MissDolly" and "la Femme de Trop". In 2016 he takes off with Poivre Rose Airlines, for a journey into the depths of memory.