Thomas EN

Thomas Dechaufour (FR)

chinese pole


Since the end of his adolescence, Thomas has never ceased to disappoint his mother, who saw him as a future president of the Republic, because it was the Circus that he chose. Specialized in the practice of Chinese pole, his life unfolds in the rhythm of ascensions (if not professional, at least spatial) qnd swirling falls. In 2009, with one Diploma and somehow still four limbs, he left the Superior School of Circus Arts (ESAC) of Brussels, in a trio of Chinese pole acrobats. After a trial by fire with Franco Dragone, he engaged in a solo carrer taht led him to join various companies and collectives (solos with several people). Sailing between circus (Archaos, Hurjaruuth Talvisirkus), dance (Company LEG, OSA Mayor Collective), street theater (15Feet6) and even modern opera (The Beggar's Opera by Léo Ferré), Thomas follows a career as varied as it is enriching, which makes him think: "despite everything, life is good". Today, he climbs, he jumps, he runs, he dances, he sings, he massacres the repertoire of Mozarton the Tuba, and when he is asked to join the project of Le Poivre Rose, he responds with his immutable motto: "OOOOHH YEAHH!!"