Valérie EN

Valérie Doucet (QC)

handstand, hand to hand, contorsion


Valérie began her training in gymnastics, before quickly reorienting herself towards circus. She is a graduate of the National Circus School in Montreal, where she specialized in hand balance on canes and developed a distinctive style. She began her career at the Palazzo Colombino and in taking part in numerous corporate events. Highly versatile, she was accepted to join the cast of Cirque Eloize's Rain, where she performed numbers in contorsion, duo trapeze, aerial hoop, tissue, hand balance and even singing. She later joined the Australian troupe Circa, developing an extensive voabulary in porting and hand to hand and then she played in the show Tabac Rouge, by la Compagnie du Hanneton, under the direction of James Thierrée. She now feels the urge to develop her work in a more personnal way, and so joins this project of Le Poivre Rose.