Creation 2014

Le Poivre Rose : Circus reflexion on the order and disorder of the gender.


In this poetic vernal fresco, roughness trips over coquetry and the codes of gender dislocate themselves like the bodies that wear them. Male and female figures are like lost shoes, scattered roles. The ladies are limping and the masters have fallen. Men bite and dance. The bestial collides with the superficial, the violent with the delicate. The body takes and loses its place, caught in this incoherent torrent of identities. We learn to laugh at our human absurdity; we celebrate our clunky desire to dance cheek to cheek. It is a cathedral of smallness, a ruined palace of the role, an ode to individuality and difference. It is a snub to the gaze of the other, a celebration of peculiar authenticity.


Premiere the 17th of August 2014, Letní Letná Festival, Prague.