Le Poivre Rose

Le Poivre Rose : Circus reflexion on the order and disorder of the gender


In this acrobatic vernal fresco, roughness trips over coquetry and the codes of gender dislocate themselves like the bodies that wear them. Male and female figures are like lost shoes, scattered roles in this family story divulge trough a suite of absurd short stories. The 5 artists use the acrobatic gesture as a language to narrate this tale supported by the musique of the singer and violonist Iva Bittová. (Aerial silk, rope, duo trapeze, chinese pole, partner acrobatic and handstand) .



Music: Iva Bittová (live on demand)

Directing: Christian Lucas

Light: Olivier Grimmeau

Costumes: Sandra Dechaufour

Outside Eye: Benjamin Kahn



Antoinette Chaudron

Thomas Dechaufour

Claudel Doucet

Imogen Huzel (created with Valérie Doucet)

Amaury Vanderborght

Co-producers :

Maison de la Culture de Tournai (BE)

Cité du Cirque Marcel Marceau du Mans (FR)

LETNI LETNA, International Festival of Contemporary Circus and Theatre – Prague (CZ)

Espace Athic – Relais Culturel d’Obernai (FR)


Creation Residencies :

Espace Catastrophe – Bruxelles (BE)

Centre Culturel Wolubilis – Bruxelles (BE)

Cité du Cirque – Le Mans (FR)

CREAC – Marseille (FR)

Les Halles de Schaerbeek (BE)

La Grainerie – Toulouse (FR)

Circa – Auch (FR)

Espace Athic – Obernai (FR)

Dommelhof – Neerpelt (BE)

Letní Letná- Prague (CZ)

With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and Centre des Arts Scéniques.


Le Poivre Rose is supported by the european project « [CIRCUS] WORK AHEAD! »,a collaboration between Les Halles de Schaerbeek (BE), CIRCA (FR), Cirqueon (CZ) and KIT (DK)


Thanks to : Gerard Edwards-Webb, Geoffroy de Hasque, Charles-Michel et Sibylle Geurts-Ouwerx, Thierry et Caroline Vanderborght,

Sacha Caloussis, Emma et La Roseraie, Pascale De Leener, Sara Lemaire, Pierre Vasic, Bertrand Castay.


Photo Credits: Pierre Vasic, Bertrand Castay,Sacha Caloussis et Antoinette Chaudron